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This month's sport: Hockey

Hockey Fun Facts

By Lucas R.

Q: Is Seattle Kraken any good?

A: Seattle Kraken rank No. 15 in NHL Pipeline Rankings for 2022, so they are kinda mediocre (15/32)


Q: Who is Seattle Kraken’s best player?

A: Jared McCann led the Kraken with a career-high 27 goals and 50 points last season, earning a five-year, $25 million contract extension in March.


Q: Why did the Kraken retire number 32?

A: The number 32 was retired on October 23, 2021, immediately before the team played their first regular season home game, in recognition of the team being the 32nd to join the NHL and in honor of the 32,000 fans who placed deposits for tickets on the first possible day.


Q: What/who is the Kraken mascot?
A: The kraken mascot is a sea troll named Bouy

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