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This month's sport: Basketball

All About March Madness

By Davis H.

You may have heard of March Madness and might be wondering, “What is it and why does it make March so mad?” The answer comes from college basketball, where every March men’s and women’s teams compete in the March Madness tournaments for a chance to become national champions.

March Madness is a big college basketball tournament you don’t want to miss! Games are very competitive and follow a single elimination format. Which means that if a team wins, they move onto the next game and stay in the running to become national champion, but if they lose, they’re out of the tournament and their season is done. The term “Madness” has to do with the craziness that happens when a lower ranked team wins over a higher ranked team. This is called an upset.

This year, the men’s national championship game will take place on April 3rd in Houston, TX, and the women’s on April 2nd in Dallas, TX. 64 men and 64 women’s college teams qualify for March Madness each year, and the last four teams standing are called The Final Four.

Now that you know more about March Madness, here are some additional fun facts:

(1) The championship game moves to different cities each year.

(2) Most of the teams that do well in the regular season don’t make it past their first or second March Madness game.

(3) The most points ever scored in a college basketball game was during March Madness, with 264 total points scored between Loyola Marymount and Michigan in 1990.

(4) Lower ranked teams that upset higher ranked teams are often referred to as “Cinderella teams.”

(5) You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than predict a perfect March Madness bracket.

(6) This year Climate Pledge Arena will be hosting the woman’s Elite 8.

(7) Seattle last hosted the National men’s championship in 1995 at the Kingdome.

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