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How to make dirt pie

By: Grace A. 



Oreos [use as many as you want]

One pack of instant vanilla pudding, or chocolate pudding

½ of a container of Cool Whip

Gummy worms

Recipe steps:

1. Put Oreos in a 26.8 cm–27.3 cm Ziploc bag [that’s just a mega sized Ziploc bag]. Use hand or spoon to crush the Oreos. Crush until formed into a powdery texture. Take the Ziploc bag and pour the crushed Oreos into a small bowl.

2. Take the instant pudding and grab one of your soup bowls or a bowl you use for dinner. Add three cups of cold milk into the bowl (sorry, soy milk will not work), then add the pudding mix. Get whisk and whisk for about 2 minutes. Let pudding rest for five minutes. After your pudding is done setting, whip in some whipped cream into the bowl. Then combine.

3. Grab your bowl of crushed Oreos and pour it in the vanilla pudding and Cool Whip mixture. Combine. Add more Oreos if needed. Then sprinkle gummy worms in. Serve to you and your friends/ family members and enjoy!

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