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About All star Corbin Carroll

By: Leo.C

After the Mariner's season ended with a heartbreak, baseball fans in Queen Anne still had a team to root for--The Arizona Diamondbacks. Why? Corbin Carroll. The kid from Queen Anne had an amazing first year in the big leagues and is now up for National League Rookie of the Year. Corbin Carroll, who grew up in the neighborhood and played Queen Anne Little League, plays for the Diamondbacks. And the Diamondbacks, who had a mediocre season, came through strong at the end when it counts most. In the playoffs, they swept the Brewers in two games, crushed the Dodgers in three games, and beat the Philadelphia Phillies in an intense seven-game match to win the National League Championship. But sadly, the Diamondbacks could not pull it off and lost in the World Series to the Texas Rangers. Still, we have one last thing to root for: Watch ESPN on Monday, November 13 at 3 pm PT to see if Carroll wins The Rookie of the Year award.

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