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Menchies Interview

By: Elizbeth G. 

Journalist: Elizabeth, Interviewee: Anya 

Q: How is Business? 

A: Business is going pretty good, whenever it's sunny it goes extremely well. 

Q: Why did you want to work at Menchies? 

A: I want to work at Menchies because I like frozen yogurt and I wanted the customer service experience, and I just needed a job so I ended up applying here. 

Q: What does a team member do at Menchies? 

A: A team member at Menchies does a lot of prep-work like doing dishes, cutting fruit for the toppings, and making sure everything’s clean. The front workers will help people at the register once they’ve got the yogurt, and cleaning up things here and there. 

Q: Is working at Menchies challenging? 

A: It can be when its pretty busy it can be challenging. When your trying to balance helping customers in the front, and making sure your getting everything done in the back. But most of the time its even. 

Q: What’s the most hardest problem you’ve ever had working here? 

A: The biggest problem I’ve had working at Menchies has probably been dealing with people who try to steal. Because I’ve never dealt with that before. So that’s probably the biggest problem. 

Q: Do you prefer to work alone or with others? 

A: Most of the time I like working alone, but its also nice to work and talk with other people which you get to do for about an hour here. But most of the time you’re just working alone. And I like that! 

Q: If you had enough money to retire would you? 

A: Yes, I would defiantly. 

Q: What’s a time you’ve disagreed with a decision that was made at work? 

A: I don’t know, I think everything that’s happened at work I’ve been okay with. 

Q: How much money can someone make working at Menchies? 

A: I earn $17 per hour and I also get tips - all the team members here do a tip share. So $17 per hour plus tips. 

Q: On average how much do you work here? 

A: I work about 4 to 5 days a week here, and each shift is about 6 hours. So around 30 hours a week on average. 


Thank you for reading this!  


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