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All About The Queen Anne Farmers Market

By: Grace A.

This wonderful holiday farmers market can be found at Queen Anne on December 16, 2023, and is starting at Ten ‘o clock, and ends at three ‘o clock. With an adult, at the holiday farmers market find amazing vendors from comforting holiday foods, some various brewers for vendors, [Of course the drinks are only for your parent/guardian], freshly made ciders for you to gulp down, to stocking stuffers, and special gifts for your family and friends that will be a big hit during the holidays.

You can also donate money to the QA farmers market, so they can keep these wonderful farmers markets up for your family. The best way to do this is to search for their website on your computer,\donate.

The vendors at the QA farmers market are going to be extraordinary. The farmers market will have 2 hot sauce vendors, to put some flavor and hotness on your food, a vendor with varieties of exquisite dried flowers, three different food trucks, with delicious foods to wolf down for lunch, or a quick snack, and upbeat live music throughout the, to celebrate! The QA holiday farmers market expects over 40 vendors to join them this year; the vendors will be unique and interesting, even if you’re just peeking.

This is the third year hosting the holiday farmers market. Maybe you’ve been in past years. They hope to have the QA holiday farmers market in the streets next year too.

Even if you’re just walking by, on your way to Trader Joes you’ll most likely get lured into the farmers market with just the music and the sight of Joyful people dancing.




Will the QA farmers market have holiday gifts, decor, and\or foods and beverages?

Our upcoming market hosts growers, food artisans, brewers and cider makers! Whether it's for an upcoming meal shared with friends and family, or stocking stuffers, QA farmers market is sure to have something for everyone!

How do you donate money to the QA holiday farmers market?

QA famers market is a non-profit organization. The best way to donate and support our work is online at

What are some unique and new shops at the QA farmers market?

QA farmers market vendor lineup is going to be a blast on December 16. We'll have more than a dozen farms, 2 hot sauce vendors, a dried flower vendor, 3 food trucks and live music throughout the day!

How many vendors do you expect for the QA famers market this year?

QA farmers market hosts a stellar lineup of more than 70 businesses throughout the market season. We expect more than 40 to join us at the December 16 Harvest Market!

How many years have you been doing the QA holiday farmers market?

This is our third year hosting the Harvest Markets on QA and we're planning to host them again next season!

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