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About The Coe Times

Dear Coe Times Readers,

I am just the second editor of this newspaper. I can only hope that I will do as well as Max did, but I will try my best. This newspaper will have everything it had last year and more. I will make sure that the Coe Times is just as good this year as it was last year.

-Sincerly, Lucy A.

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Newspaper Staff 

Our reporters, writers, photographers, technology managers and editors work hard to get you the news you need. Here’s an alphabetized list of our staff members, which is called a “masthead” in journalism: 

Abby S., Baker T., Chloe P., Davis H., Doug S., Eleanor   W., Gracie B., Harrison G., Jomion G., Kaitlyn C.,             Klunoyon G., Leo C., Leo P., Luca L., Lucas R., Mari S. Sadie  F.  Suraya R., Xander R., Zane E., Zoe R.                                 
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