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All about the Veteran's Day Assembly

By Klunoyon G.

About the Veterans Day assembly 

There were Veterans at the assembly. 

Many parents were at the assembly as well. 

Mrs. Fernandi’s class and Mrs. Gunsolus’s class sang the song ‘One Day’ together. 

3rd graders sang ‘Veterans, We Love You' together at the assembly. 

5th grade student council reps welcomed classes to the assembly. 

 Mrs. Leung's class led ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ 

5th grade student council rep Jordan led the pledge of allegiance. 

Mrs. Backstrom introduced the Veterans, which included Mr. Nestor, our Custodial Engineer. 

The Veteran's Day assembly was on November 10th. 

 The assembly was an important assembly because it was for Veterans Day 

Mrs. Salter’s class and Mr. Fraser’s class sang ‘My Shot’ from Hamilton together. 

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