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Interview with Joe Biden 

By: Leo C. 

When we started back to school in September, The Coe Times sent a letter to President Joe Biden in hopes that we’d get a response. We asked him multiple questions and received his response later that month in the letter below. —Leo C. 


The White House 


Thanks for sending me your questions. I always enjoy hearing from curious young Americans and am excited to share a little bit about myself and the White House.  


I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Growing up, I had a bad stutter, which I learned to overcome by reciting Irish poems. When I was in third grade my family fell on hard times and we moved to Delaware for my dad's new job as a car salesman. My dad taught me to love cars. 


When I was younger, I thought about becoming an architect, but I knew one thing for certain: I wanted to help people and make a difference in the world. After law school, I got involved in my community. I was elected to the New Castle County Council and in 1972 I was elected to the United States Senate, where I worked for 36 years. People called me “Amtrak Joe” because I traveled on the Amtrak train every day from my home in Delaware to my office in Washington D.C. In 2008 I was honored to be elected to be vice president of the United States and work with President Barack Obama. In 2020 I was elected the 46th president of the United States. 


I now live in the white house with my wife and First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden. Jill has been a teacher for over 30 years and still teaches English and writing to this day. She also works every day to support military families, advocates for increased educational opportunities, and to end cancer as we know it. 


For more than two centuries, the families who have lived and worked in the White House have come from different states, parties, and backgrounds-but they all share one thing common: they were chosen by the American people to serve our nation. Room by room, we can trace the history of our country and see the legacies of generations woven into our past and present. 


In the White House state dining room, jill and I host meals, and we can sit up 140 guests for dinner. and for dessert. I love to eat ice cream, especially chocolate chips. Jill and I have a pet who lives with us in the White House. Our cat is named Willow. Willow loves exploring the White House. The south lawn is where jill and I host the easter egg roll, fourth of July and other party's though out the year. 

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