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All About Pete Carroll

By: Davis H.

January 2024 was a tough month for Seahawks fans. The Seahawks long time head coach, Pete Carroll, was let go from his position. After not making the NFL playoffs 2 of the last three years, the Seahawks let Pete go after 13 years of hard work. This shocked the whole Seattle area and left people feeling empty. But who even is Pete Carroll?

Peter Clay Carroll was born on September 15, 1951 in San Francisco, CA. In Pete’s early years he played many types of sports. He was a multi-sport star in football playing quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back. He also enjoyed playing basketball and baseball. In 1969, he was inducted into the Redwood High School Hall of fame for being such a good player. After High School, Pete started taking classes at the Collage of Marin (A junior college.) There he played football for two years before transferring to the University of the Pacific. Once at Pacific, he played a safety before earning his bachelor’s in science and business in 1972.

After collage, Pete tried out for the world class Honolulu Hawaiians, but did not make the team to do his shoulder injury in his lower right arm. After not making the team, he got drafted by the University of the Pacific to be their new head coach in football. Pete agreed and started coaching right away. He stayed there from 1973 to 1976 before accepting a new job as a head coach at the University of Arkansas. There Pete stent many years before taking a new head coach job. Pete spent more then 35 years coaching for teams before expecting a job as the head coach of the NFL Seattle Seahawks. Pete spent 13 years before stepping into the owners office of the Seattle Seahawks. 

As you can see, Pete Carroll was one of the most legendary coaches of all time. Pete lives on to tell his coaching tale and happily lives in Seattle as a board member of the Seattle Seahawks.   

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