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5th Grade
Graduation Notes

For our last issue of the 2023/24 school year, we asked people to submit a note to 5th grade graduates. Thanks for submitting and congratulations to this year's Coe graduating class!

Notes from graduating students

  • I will miss this place, the playground, that giant tree in the playground, and my friends that won't be going to my middle school.

  • Hello fellow 5th graders! 

  • Remember to walk a mile in others shoes. 

  • I'm graduating! 

  • Summer here we come! 

  • I will miss this place, it was the place that I learned how to tie my shoes. And the food. 

  • Have fun out there! 

  • Don't forget to get ice cream this summer! 

Shout-outs to graduates from family and friends

  • Congrats to the graduating class of 2024! 

  • Next stop middle school! 

  • So proud of everything you did at Coe, such a great school! 

  • You've learned a lot and made great friends, congratulations. 

  • First graduation milestone complete, 5th grade in 2024 and 12th grade in 2031! 

  • Thanks to the teachers and staff that make Coe such a special place! 

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