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Junie B. Jones Interview

By: Klunoyon G.

Q: What is the play about?

A: it is a heartwarming tale about a first grader who is working through some friendship issues and and faces other challenges but perseveres in the end.


Q: Who is the main character(s)?

A: Vera Siddiqui stars as Junie B Jones.


Q: How many actors do you have?

A: Fifty-nine students in grades 3 through 5 and our choir will be an opening act with another fifty-five students.


Q: Who is helping with the play?

A: Coe staff Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Humphrey, and former Coe staff member and parent Mrs. Woolridge.


Q: Where is the play?

A: At Ballard high school.


Q: What time is the play?

A: 7pm on June 16 and 17.


Q: Where do you get the ticket to see the play?

A: We will publish a link in the family bulletin to purchase tickets starting in May. They will be 10 dollars each.


Q: Who is the director of the play?

A: Yours truly, Krista Carreiro. I love directing children's musicals.

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