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By Lucy A. & Abby S.


Islandwood is a lot of fun, but you won’t always be with your friends. So, how will you be separated? Well, you will be part of three different groups, and you’ll see them on a name card that you will get upon the start. One will be your lodge and room. There are four lodges at Islandwood; Invertebrate Inn, Mammal’s Den, Bird’s Nest, and Ichthyology Inn (the Fish Tank.) Your teacher will tell you which two lodges Coe has that year, and one of them will be on your card. It will also have your room. On your card you will also have your dining group. Some examples are ‘Bigleaf Maple,’ ‘Oregon Grape,’ ‘Trailing Blackberry,’ ‘Red Alder,’ and ‘Sword fern.’’ This is who you’ll be eating breakfast and dinner with. And the final thing on your card is your field ground. These are all one word. Some examples are Pond, Stream, Marsh, Wave, Rain, Estuary, and Bog. You will be spending most of your time with your field group, and you’ll be eating lunch with them. 


There are countless fun activities at Islandwood. Your instructor might bring you over to the Team’s Course, where you can do things such as Islands, Gutters, Whale Watch, and the Tightrope Course. There are also many Wild Zones (clearings in the forest surrounded by trees) that are perfect for playing camouflage. And if you get lucky, you’ll be able to go down to Blakely Harbor and go crab-hunting. You might also go down to Mac’s Pond to collect specimens, or to the garden, or to the top of the Canopy Tower, which is 100 meters (about 328.08 ft) tall.  


The meals at Islandwood are top-notch. Not only are they delicious, but Islandwood is fully vegetarian. There are also alternatives if you’re lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, or vegan. You will eat breakfast and dinner in the dining hall, and after dinner there is dessert, with all the alternatives listed above. Lunch will be eaten with your field group. There are normally two choices; turkey and cheese or sun butter and jelly. 


The cabins at Islandwood are luxurious. Each cabin has two bunk beds and a Murphy bed, though the Murphy bed will only be pulled down if you have five people in your cabin. There will be a sink, and two doors beside it. One leads to a bathroom, and the other leads to a shower. The curfew is: 9:00 in your room, and 9:30 go to sleep. You will wake up to music at 7:00. 

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