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Interview with Ms.Volk

By Klunoyon G.

Q. How long have you been teaching at Coe?  

A. This is my third year teaching at Coe.  


Q. Have you worked at any other schools than Coe?  

A. Before Coe I taught PE at Lawton Elementary in Magnolia. 


Q. What is your favorite lesson(s) to teach?  

A. My favorite units to teach are rollerblading and bowling!  


Q. Who do you look up to?  

A. I look up to my gymnastics coach from high school and a PE teacher named Ms. Parks.  


Q. As a kid what were your favorite subject(s)?  

A. My favorite subjects were PE and Spanish.  


Q. Do you have any pets?  

A. I have two bunnies named Mr. Bun and Marsha. 


Q. If you could choose any other job than a specialist, what would it be?  

A. I would be a nurse or a baker. 


Q. Why did you want to work at Coe?  

A. I went to Coe as a student, and I love it here!  


Q. What do you like to do when you are not teaching?  

A. I like to get bubble tea, try new bakeries, and go to exercise classes.  


Q. What were your jobs before Coe?  

A. Before I was a PE teacher, I was a lifeguard at Mounger pool. I am also a high school gymnastics coach after school!  


Q. Where are your favorite places to visit?  

A. My favorite place to go is Greenlake. I like to walk or run around it, and I like to swim in the lake when it’s warm! 


Q. What are some of your hidden talents?  

A. I am really good at spelling!  

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