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Hot Air Balloon Valentine's Day Card Craft

By Zoe R.

Craft Materials: 

  • Pink or red card stock

  • Hot air balloon card template

  • Brown card stock

  • Popsicle sticks 

  • Markers 

  • Glue stick 

  • Glue bottle 


1. Begin by taking a pencil and drawing out as many large hearts as needed on the pink or red card stock (you need six for one balloon.) Then, begin drawing large brown rectangles on the brown card stock for the basket of your hot air balloons. 


2. Cut out each of the pieces of the hot air balloons 


3. Fold your hot air balloon basket in half in the middle of your template. Use a marker to write a special message on the inside of the card. You can use something like “Love is in the air”, “You make my heart soar, Valentine!” or come up with a clever saying on your own. 


4. Gather your paper hearts. Fold five of the hearts in half. Use your glue stick to add glue to one of the folded heart halves. Then glue another heart half onto it. Continue adding glue and adding a paper heart until all five have been glued together, creating a 3D heart air balloon. 


5. Add glue to one of the outside halves of the 3D heart and glue it onto the reserved paper heart. Then add glue on the opposite half of the heart and glue it down onto the other side of the paper heart. 


6. Grab your two craft sticks. Add glue at the bottom 1-inch of each of the craft sticks. Glue the hot air balloon basket card onto the craft sticks. 


7. Add glue to the top 1-inch of each of the craft sticks. Glue the 3D heart air balloon onto the top of the craft sticks. Let the glue dry completely. 

If you are on a time crunch and don’t want to wait for drying time (boy, can I relate!) You might try using Glue Dots or double-sided tape to attach the heart air balloon and basket to the craft sticks. We haven’t had a chance to try those options out so I can’t speak for their durability, but it seems like they would both work. 


Your 3D Hot Air Balloon Card is complete 

Once your glue has dried completely, you can pick up your hot air balloon card to see its gorgeous 3D dimensions. From both the top, bottom and all sides of the balloon, it is absolutely beautiful. 

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