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How To Make Holiday tree pine cones

By: Grace A.

Holiday Pine Cone Trees



 - One pine cone

 - Paint or glitter glue

 - Glitter, beads, any other various decoration, and regular glue for the decoration [optional]

Step one: Find a pine cone outside. Some pine cones can be taller than others, or shorter than others. It will make it easier if pine cones are not misshapen.

Step two: With a paint brush, dip it into some paint, or use glitter glue straight from the bottle to get every crevice of the pinecone. You will also want to put a little paint, or glitter glue on the outside to look more like a tree.

Step three: Have regular, bottled glue ready to decorate your pine cone tree. Place a dot of glue on each decoration and find a suitable place to place your decorations.

Step four: Wait for your pinecone tree to dry, and display!

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