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Macrina Interview

By Zane E.
  • Cashier 

  • What is the most popular item that you sell to kids? 

Jonathan: “Chocolate chip cookies sell out like crazy. The next one on the list would be the morning roll which is croissant dough and vanilla sugar” 

  • About how many pounds of butter do you use a day? 

Jonathan: “that is such a great question. You know we have are location in Kent, and that’s are distribution center, so that's where they make all the bread and all the pastries. I just had a meeting and they told us how much we were using of each item, and I don’t have the stats in front of me, but it’s a lot” 

Jonathan: “a lot more than you can imagine. We have more than 2,000 wholesale customers in the area.” 

Zane: “Wow” 

Jonathan: “which means we have about that many people who we have to distribute to every day. So, we make a lot of bread and pasties.” 

  • What is your favorite item that you sell? (By taste) 

  • How much coffee do you sell to parents? 

  • What is the most popular item that you sell to adults? 

  • If you could combine things on the menu, what would you make 

  • Owner/anyone 

  • What is Macrina named after? 

  • What did you sell in the past you don't sell anymore and why did you stop selling it? 

  • How long has Macrina been here on Queen Anne? 

  • Why is it called a Cornetto not a croissant? 

  • Who decides what you bake every day? 

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