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Information on the Monster Mash

By Lucy Atchison

Q: Where will the Monster Mash take place?  

A: In the gymnasium and covered basketball court. 

Q: When will it take place? 

A:  It will take place on Friday, October 28th from 6:30 -8:30 p.m.  

Q: How does the Monster Mash benefit the school community?  

A: The Monster Mash brings community together and raises some funds for PTA and the 5th grader's field trip to Island Wood.  

Q: What will be there?  

A: There will be 4-5 different games, 2-3 different crafts, a bake sale, a game called Musical Cakes where someone will win a cake or pie, and a D.J. (in the covered basketball area) who will encourage a dance party and throw in a few dance games like "Freeze Dance" and "Monster Hoky-Poky."  

Q: Will there be any food besides baked goods? 

A: New this year are food trucks, parked in the teacher's parking lot and "Witches Brew." The Witches Brew which will be located outside near the circular flower garden and offer two story times while serving any of Coe's ghouls and goblins a bit of brew while they listen calmly to a Halloween story. This is for kids who want a calm body break.  

Here is the link to buy tickets!  

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