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Drew Fowler Interview

By: Leo C.

We met up with University of Washington’s linebacker Drew Fowler to discuss the previous season and what’s ahead for the Husky Football Team. After winning the Sugar Bowl and losing the National Championship, the Huskies coach departed for University of Alabama. We talked to Drew about the future of the football team and his own future. Here’s the highlights from the interview: 

Q: Going back a little bit to high school, you led your high school team to a championship. What was that like?

A: Yeah, you know, my high school experiences was interesting. And I ended up having three head coaches and four years in high school. And so, I'm thinking referencing my senior year was that year and so that head coach was a fresh sheet of grass. He was 24 years old. He wanted to be a coach; he had been working at Amazon. And so, he was a former player here and obviously a young guy. So, there's a lot of growing pains first time head coach is trying to figure it out. It ended up being a unique experience to get to kind of go through that that growth with him. Obviously, he's a senior we're trying to stamp your legacy on the place and so we fell short in the end, but it was an awesome year with all obviously the guys that grew up playing with.

Q: We noticed that you were awarded the Husky Starving Champion. What is that? 

A: So, if you guys remember I referenced the competition boards down in the weight room and kind of the way coaches keep track, starting the first day of winter conditioning, through winter workouts spring, summer and fall and pay attention to hard work leadership and who wins all of the competitions. At the end of the year, they tally it all up. And I was lucky enough that I got named the starving Husky, basically for the accumulation of my year-round. I guess effort and leadership. So yeah, it was great. 

Q: With this new administration and players entering the draft, what do you see happening? 

A: Yeah, I think it's going to be a big shift, especially for Husky fans everywhere that are going to have to get used to new numbers and new jerseys and new people. And the nice thing is that I always tell my teammates that, you'd think for a place that's had four head coaches in the last five years, that we'd have a losing record and somehow this place knows how to win football games. I think it'll be an equally adventurous and exciting year, next year, and, and you guys will get to pick new favorite players.

Q: So, what are your thoughts next year? 

A: That's one of those things that the same way we as players have to do our job, and that's getting us ourselves the readiest to play and to perform… The coaches must do their job and to get the right guys in the room, get the people who can perform, and it'll be the best for us to win football games, you know, next season. I will say that, while you guys got to know…a lot of the guys you saw last year, you haven't seen some of the talent that was ready and waiting behind them. I've gotten to see those guys. It's the coach's job to figure out who are the best five to play. And I know all those guys will be ready for that moment.

Q: And then finally, what advice do you have for people who want to play sports on a college or professional level?

A: That's one of those things that I think the reality is, a lot of it is out of your control. And the thing is, a lot of life is out of your control. The biggest thing is I tell everybody, and we try and really own this in our building is to control all your controls that leave no regrets on the table. If you know that you put your all into your sport, into your teammates, into your own training. If you know, you've put everything you can into your dreams, then life won't disappoint you. So, if it's meant to be, it will be. And if not, the memories and the lessons and everything you've learned in the process will make it all worth it. So, whatever that sport is, leave with no regrets. That means just give it all, you know whether that means running a little harder or getting a couple of extra shots up after practice and soccer and whatever that sport is. Give it your all. And then you have no regrets in the end.

Q: Are you going to continue playing football? Are you going to go for the draft next year in the NFL? Or are you going to do something else? What's your career path?

A: Yeah, I mean, like I said, a lot of it is out of my control. I'll play football if I'm allowed to. And I would love to keep chasing that. But again, just focused on my controllable sets, enjoying, and maximizing my experience in these walls [at UW]. I'm trying to leave this program in the best possible place I can, so I'm really focused on the next 365 days and the next year, and then after that, we'll reassess and figure out where life takes me. 

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