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A Paper Snowman

Supplies: Three pieces of white paper, one piece of black paper, one piece of orange paper, one piece of red paper, one piece of blue paper, scissors, and glue. (Optional): Something to trace the big, medium, and small circles.

1. Stack the three pieces of white paper neatly and draw the big circle on the top one close to the edge. 

2. Cut out the circle, making three identical circles.

3. Glue one of the circles on the bottom of the blue paper.

4. Take another circle and fold it in half. 

5. Put glue down the middle of the first circle and stick on the circle with the crease on the glue, and flatten it.

6. Put glue down the middle of the second circle. Repeat Step 5.

7. Poof up the paper so that it looks round.

8. Repeat steps above for the medium and small circles.

9. Take black piece of paper and cut out a top hat.

10. Glue the top hat wherever you want on the snowman's head.

11. Cut a scarf out of the red paper.

12. Glue it between the small and medium circles.

13. Use a drawing tool to put on eyes and a mouth.

14. Cut a triangle out of the orange paper.

15. Glue it on as a nose.

The finished product may look like this:

Snowman Craft.jpg
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