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Best Buy Interview

By: Leo C. & Davis H.

Two Coe Times journalists went on a visit to a local Best Buy store to find out what it's like working there.


Interviewer: Leo C.   Interviewee: Tony

Q: What's your role here?

A: I'm training to become the LG representative representative in this Best Buy store, which includes TVs, appliances, and camera systems. I'm a camera expert in this store, and also the computer expert.

Q: How long have you been working at Best Buy?

A: I recently just started back in September 2023. I'm pretty much new here. I still need some training and some peer advise for that. But so far I'm doing pretty great process in this job.

Q: What is your favorite part of this Best Buy location?

A: Honestly, I really liked the way we support each other. We're not working as a team, but more like an inter individual workplace. What it means that if you expert in computer and you don't know about appliances, we have people who are doing the appliances to help you out while you are getting all the credit for the sales and stuff like that. So we got each other back all the time.

Q: Thank you, what would you say is the best selling product at this store?

A: Each department had a different best selling product, which one are you asking?

Q: Let's go with PC's.

A:  We have two main computer categories, Apple products and Microsoft Windows products. I would say that Windows is going to be more popular since they have more products, but Apple is kind of tied, with it's smooth, nice finishes. 

Q: And finally, do you have any advice for students who want to get electronics?

A: I will say before you come in here maybe thinking what is going to be used for and then come to us once you know what you want to use for we will definitely help you sort out what is the device that we highly recommend you to purchase the words and also like, you know, thinking about the price range and other stuff too. We can definitely help you arrange with all the necessary stuff for you.

Q: Thank you so much for your time.

A: Thank you

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