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Cafe Hagen Interview

By: Lucy A.

  Q: When did you open Cafe Hagen?

  A: We opened it in 2019, but before the pandemic.

  Q: When is the least busy season for you?

  A: Although we're always busy, I'd say the winter.

  Q: Where did the name Cafe Hagen come from?

  A: We got our name from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Copenhagen sounds like Cafe Hagen.

  Q: What is your most popular item?

  A: Our most popular drink is the Copenhagen Latte, which has homemade almond and cardinal syrup, and        our most popular food item is our croissants.

  Q: What made you decide to open a roastery/bakery?

  A: We wanted to make everything from scratch, and have control over the quality of our food.

  Q: How many locations do you currently have, and how many do you want?

  A: We currently have five locations, but we don't know how many we want!

  Q: What are some expectations for the cafe?

  A: We always need the best employees, we always want to make our customers happy, and we want to serve    the best products.

  Q: What's your favorite type of coffee?

  A: Conga--from Africa.

  Q: What is your favorite baked good?

  A: Our raspberry bars!

  Q: How do you come up with the recipes for your pastries.

  A: I get inspired from old and new and look at rating pleas (things the customers want.)

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