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Interview with Alex Reid about Bill Gates.

By Klunoyon G.

 Q: How long has the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation been going on?  

 A: It has been going on for 20 years.  


 Q: What does Bill Gates do?  

 A: He gives his money away to people that need help, and he also has another company that fights climate change.  


 Q: How many people has Bill Gates helped?  

 A: He has helped 5 million children.  


 Q: What are the jobs people do for Bill Gates?  

 A: There is someone who runs the polio team, malaria team, people who are fund managers, people who run the  technology, science team and people who record him when he is in different places in the world.  


 Q: How big is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?  

 A: It is 7 hundred people!


 Q: How many people work for Bill Gates?  

 A: 1,700 people work for him.  


 Q: Why did Bill Gates start his company?  

 A: He went somewhere and saw children dying of sicknesses that kids there do not usually die of, and he wanted to help  them.  


 Q: What year did Bill Gates start his company?  

 A: He started in the year 2000.  


 Q: What did Bill Gates achieve by making Bill and Melinda Gates  

 A: He reduced many peoples sickness and made many vaccines.  


 Q: How many companies does Bill Gates own?  

Answer: He owns 3 + companies.  


 Q: What do you do for Bill Gates?  

 A: I am the chief communicator. 

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