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Coe Musical Theater Goes Virtual

By Harbor P. 


    The show goes on for Coe Musical Theatre despite Covid. Their winter show--"The Great Big Holiday Bake Off"--will come out at the end of December. It is based on the show "The Great British Baking Show" with bakers, contestants and judges as characters. The show includes a lot of song and dance. "This year, the musical theatre club is different in many ways,” says Mrs. Carreiro. “The thing I miss the most is singing together. Dancing is an easier transition to online because you can see everyone moving, but you can only listen to one person at a time because of the internet speeds.”  To get ready for the play, the theater group meets once a week on Mondays over zoom with Mrs. Carreiro and Mrs. Woolridge. Mrs. Woolridge edits the videos and Mrs. Carreiro directs the group. 

    “As a director, it's easier to produce because we are not designing elaborate costumes, sets, and props. It's also harder because there is so much time that goes into the post production work on the computer to create our show," adds Mrs. Carreiro. You can watch it at And if kids want to join, the group will be starting a new show called summer camp in January. It's a fun club to be in.

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