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By Hudson M and Max C

Food Banks Are Working Harder than Ever to Keep Up With Needs

During these challenging times, food banks are struggling to keep people well fed. Our local food bank in Ballard is trying to feed people who are unemployed or have gotten laid off due to the coronavirus. Coe families are hard at work collecting food to deliver to Ballard Food Bank and will deliver a U-Haul full of food on December 17. We interviewed Forrest Evans of the Ballard Food Bank to find out more about what the organization does and to find out other ways people can help during the holidays. “We have been providing our services for over 40 years and food drives like the one at Coe have an enormous impact and help so many, especially now more than ever,” said Forrest, who has worked at the nonprofit since July. 


But this year, he said, Ballard Food Bank is serving two times the amount of people, helping over 6,000 households/families each month. (That’s over 200,000 pounds of food a month!) And this year food banks have to find covid-safe ways to hand out food. He told us they used to allow people in to pick food. Now they pick up food from their car and the staff sets it out in the parking lot.


If you missed Coe’s food drive, you can deliver things directly to the food bank in Ballard Monday through Thursday afternoons. (The exact times are on their website.) 


Coe Cares Fills a U-Haul with Food for Those in Need
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