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The Bake-Off Highlights

The Bake-Off Update

By Nora S., Avi F., Max C. 



When we published our first edition of The Coe Times, we reported about the upcoming 4th Grade Holiday Bake-off. We promised to report back with news of the winning dessert. Guess what happened? Everyone won!  The three ‘celebrity’ judges, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Backstrom and Mrs. Garza, found something to celebrate about each baked good. Since it would make for too long of an article to tell you about all 19 desserts, we thought we’d share three highlights: 


First up is… Toby’s Cake! Toby made a very beautiful cake with candy-canes on top and it was his first time making a cake. Everyone loved hearing that it was his first cake. Well done Toby! 


Another favorite was Asha’s cupcake assortment! Asha had a bit of a run in when her dog knocked over her first creation (splattering it all over her dog!). But Asha made a big come back and made a bunch of cupcakes with some holiday cheer on top. She even added a mini gingerbread house (her first creation) on top of one of the cupcakes. Great comeback Asha! 

Last but not least…Theo J’s ‘Santa Whoops’ cake. Theo made a very beautiful cake that showed Santa getting stuck in the chimney. Santa’s candy-cane legs were sticking out of the chimney like he was falling in-whoops! You can tell Theo put in a lot of work! 

     Congrats to all. Each of the 19 contestants received a gift card to Trophy Cupcakes. And since it was virtual on Zoom, they got to eat their entire dessert themselves. (Hopefully they shared some with their family!)

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